Banburry Automation

Backfilling carrying and weighing system Properties
Vacuum operated system
Carrying backfilling by vacuum operated system
Weighing with 200 gr toleration
Mixing with receiping method
Dust-free environment because of closed circuit carrying
Capability of using 7 different backfilling materials
Easy installation and practical usage
Just 5m height need over Banburry
Helical system
Carrying backfilling materials by helical screw
Weighing with 200 gr toleration
Mixing with receipting method
Capability of using 5 different backfilling materials
Comprehensive system by adding a 3rd level over Banbury
Oil weighing system
Capability of using 5 different process oil
Stainless weighing and waiting bunkers
Weighing with 50 gr toleration
Automatic transfer to Banburry
Rubber weighing conveyor
2 conveyor system with a weighing and a waiting conveyor
Guaranty of correct weighing of rubber
Easy transfer of rubber to Banburry
Dust collecting system (Jet Filter)
Filtering of dusts coming from Banburry and possible dust supplies
Additional properties
 ▪   System works full automatically and with the help of scada
    system it includes required presciriptiıon and archiving properties
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