Injection press automation

Operations done on press
- After removing old panel ,new PLC panel montage done
- If there is an old screen, it is removed and new screen applied.
- Required cabling for new panel done
- PLC and screen programs uploaded and system delivered in a running mode.

New system’s properties
- System includes 3 types of controllers : manual, automatic and adjusting
- All machine positions could be entered via screen ( no switch adjustment needed)
- Pressure and speed info can be entered via screen
- Required pressure and speed levels are available for all types of motions
- Operation steps can be selected for automatic process
- Required time modifications can be done via screen
- All required temperature controls including thermo-regulators can be done via PLC and set values via screen .
- Prescription system is available
- Safety system is available and safety circuit is done.
- Heater resistor current (amperes) can be read via screen
- Tolerance values  can be defined for heating system

Advantages of new system
- There is no need to discard press because of unavailable spare parts
- Cause automation system is new, there is a little risk of failure
- Spare part cost is lower than old system
- Cause process is under control, outage during production chain lowered
- Defect detection and fix is very easy (There is available notification systems on screen)
- 1 year guarantee
- Turkish, English and German options are available

Assessable parts from old system  after renovation parts
- Functional switches on machine
- Rational valve electronic cards related with hydraulic (VT5002 etc.)
- Current linear rulers on machine ( 0-10V or 4-20 mA)
- Pressure transmitters

- In order to apply new automation system over press ,machine must stop for 14 days
- Incase working hours of company is appropriate, this period could be lowered.
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